5 not so typical remote jobs that you can apply for right now!

I want to show that there are more remote jobs online than transcribing and web development.

There are so many jobs that I see repeatedly on remote job sites such as tutoring, copywriting, editing etc. – but there are also some real gem positions and things that aren’t so commonly thought of.

I used both Indeed and Virtual Vocations for my search and my must say that hands down Virtual Vocations is my favorite site for remote work/work from home listings. Virtual Vocations has the most variety of remote work positions out of any of the websites and job boards that I have seen.

Here are 5 remote jobs available now:


Work From Home Seasonal Fashion Stylist

As a Stylist, you will put together curated fashion boxes for our clients, based on their self-reported taste, budget, and lifestyle.

How cool is that?

I’m sure there is some sales in there…you know there always is.

But I think it’s a pretty sweet position. A fashion concierge if you will.

Location: New York (there is also a full-time remote stylist position for persons within an hour of Indianapolis)

Compensation: Hourly

Travel: 100% Virtual, Onsite Required

Type: Part Time, Temporary

Telecommute Status: Geographic Restrictions

About the company:

Dia&Co is an e-commerce and subscription-based clothing company that caters to plus-sized women. This New York-based company offers a personal styling service that curates clothing selections and ships the selections to the client allowing them to shop and try on clothing from the comfort of their own homes.


Core Responsibilities Include:

  • Offering styling tips on how garments should be worn and accessorized
  • Creating curated fashion boxes for our clients
  • Explaining why company garments are perfect for the client’s individual needs

Qualifications for this position include:

  • Are obsessed with fashion and stay on top of the latest styles and trends
  • Own a personal computer and have access to the internet
  • Are familiar with and empathetic to the needs of our customer base


Work at home Ayurvedic Practitioner

An alternative medicine company has a current position open for a WFH Ayurvedic Practitioner.

The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate strong knowledge of Ayurvedic principles, have excellent communication skills, strong writing skills, and be a driven, reliable team player. You must be willing to make a 3-year commitment to Joyful Belly.

Salary dependent upon experience. Please send your desired salary with your resume.
50% of consultations
$30/hr for teaching engagements
Up to 25% commission on sales
20% discount on all Joyful Belly services, herbs, and products

Travel: 100% Virtual

Type: N/A

Telecommute Status: Geographic Restrictions

About the company:

Joyful Belly is an Ayurvedic Diet and Digestion School that shows you how your individual body reacts to food so that you can improve your health & quality of life, and choose the right foods for your body.

Core Responsibilities Include:

  • Teaching the company’s online education programs
  • Providing client consultations
  • Contributing creative content for newsletters and website
  • Write articles on Ayurvedic topics & edit books

Qualifications for this position include:

  • Demonstrate good writing & professional business skills
  • Have completed an accredited Ayurvedic degree program
  • Strong communication skills over the phone


Graphic Design for T-shirt Company

I thought this position was really cool. A graphic design position with Need T-shirts Now based in Fayetteville, North Carolina. As a self-taught graphic artist I appreciate that this position does not require a degree in graphics or anything fancy.  This position is great for anyone looking to get their foot in the door as a graphic artist.

Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw

Total Experience:
5 years


Travel: 100% Virtual, Work from Home

Eligibility: High School Diploma

About the company:

Need T-shirts Now is a screen-printing company offering custom T-shirts with a quick turn around time. They also offer print on demand services.

Core Responsibilities Include:

  • Responsible for all graphic needs.
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency in all graphic pieces.
  • Conceptualize and create new graphic pieces.
  • Organize and maintain the Marketing Shared Drive.
  • Divide workload of project list and responsible for meeting project deadlines.
  • Update and maintain projects


Remote Pinterest Marketer

A financial company has a current position open for a Remote Pinterest Marketer.

We are seeking an individual to help promote the site on Pinterest. We have a strategy in place but we need a creative Pinterest-lover to see it through.

To apply for a position, fill out the contact form and, if we’re interested in moving forward, someone in our Human Resources department will be in touch. Please send your cover letter, resume, and applicable materials via Google Docs, Dropbox, etc.

Compensation: Pay is competitive.

Travel: 100% Virtual

Type: Part-time (10 hours per week)

Telecommute Status: Geographic Restrictions

About the company:

Based in the United States, First Quarter Finance is a provider of a leading holistic personal finance website. Founded in 2011, the company’s site has articles that show clients how to earn, save and invest their way to wealth. First Quarter Finance is telecommute-friendly and hires freelance personal finance writers and editors in independent contracting roles across the United States.

Other positions available via their website:


Core Responsibilities Include:

  • Promoting the site on Pinterest
  • Following the strategy in place
  • Completing any other assigned tasks

Qualifications for this position include:

  • Creative
  • Pinterest-lover
  • Any other applicable experience


Standards Alignment Manager (K-12 academic alignment expert)

This is the job that made me go “oh, I guess that’s a thing”. As a mom, I should be comforted by a position thats sole responsibility is to chart how to blow academic achievements out of the water…if that’s even what this position is about. I’m sure there are loads of persons in education that are singing praises for this work from home Standards Alignment Manager position.


About the company:

Achieve3000 is the leader in online differentiated instruction, serving millions of students worldwide. Over 15 years, the company has been reaching students at their precise Lexile® reading levels to deliver significant reading gains—often double-to-triple the expected gains.

Core Responsibilities Include:

  • Performing gap analyses of current correlations in language arts and social studies curriculum.
  • Conducting content mapping and alignments of standards, curricula, and assessments.
  • Assisting with special alignment projects, including defining scope, developing executing plans, and collaborating with other teams, including engineering.
  • Monitoring the revisions in state, national, and international standards.
  • Managing extensive work flow to meet deadlines consistently.

Qualifications for this position include:

  • Bachelor’s or advanced degree
  • 3+ years of experience aligning curriculum to academic standards
  • Experience working with K-12 standards in multiple states, including California, other Florida, Texas, and Virginia
  • Ability to effectively coordinate multiple responsibilities simultaneously
  • Resourceful, organized, and detail-oriented
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively with teams



What are some of the most you-nique positions you have come across in your online job search? Comment below 🙂

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