For Kya Nguyen-Bates, creative designer, modern minimalist, and momtrepreneur, less really is more. After 6 years of chasing her fashion dreams in New York City, she has scaled back her belongings and honed in on her vision. On her quest for personal freedom, she has moved not only geographically, but also mentally and emotionally. While relocating to the Bahamas may sound glamorous, for Kya, it’s simply a return to her roots. There, she’s able to work remotely as a creative designer, strengthening her design skills and expanding her marketing skills.

With a natural penchant for hard work, Kya’s most difficult life lesson has been learning to let go. Her forthcoming e-book focuses on the benefits of living simply. This minimalist manifesto teaches readers how to de-clutter both physically and emotionally, as she talks about leaving New York City, becoming her own boss, and learning how to accept that not every vision we have for ourselves is meant to become reality. Inspired by the likes of how-to powerhouses, Tim Ferriss and James Altucher, the e-book draws on personal anecdotes and lived experiences to create a vibrant and compelling entrepreneurial handbook.

Learning the ins and outs of entrepreneurship far from the glass castles of Silicon Valley, Kya is able to offer unique insights. When she’s not busy breaking all the tired rules of the business paradigm, Kya enjoys gardening and home improvement. She has also been working hard to master standup paddle-boarding.

Move On Girlfriend! was created to encourage others to take the steps to finding their true paths to personal freedom, to embrace the fear of the unknown, and to put your foot on the gas pedal and move on.