Fancy seeing you here.

Hi, I’m Kya!

Not so long ago I was living in New York and I hated it!

I was a frazzled new mom and tired of the trek to the office each day. It has nothing to do with being introverted here, commuting just sucks. The people. And the traffic. In the rain.

I hated coming home and being too exhausted to cook a wholesome meal for my family and bringing all of the office politics home with me.

I hated being so mentally exhausted that I never had the energy to pursue my dreams, or even take the time to decipher what they even were.

That all changed when I decided to put my foot down and get my life back 1 year ago.

It was scary to take the plunge but I now work remotely, doing a job I love from an island I love even more.

It took getting rid of 99% of my possessions and a huge shift in mindset to make it work – but it has been.

Move On Girlfriend! was created to encourage others to take the steps to finding their true paths to personal freedom, to embrace the fear of the unknown, and to put your foot on the gas pedal and move.


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