If you stand too close, you can’t see the full picture

I wanted to share a small 5-minute realization that I had yesterday.

During my last two posts I talked about tips for overcoming your reality. Well, I realize that this is easier said that done.

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In the last few weeks I’ve gotten feedback that tip #1 really resonated with readers. We have to realize that our reality isn’t reality. In the former post I shared that your reality is what you focus on – it is your outlook.

Yesterday I realized an additional point about our reality – sometimes we cannot see our situations because we are too close to them.

So, some of you know that I work at a body jewelry and accessories company doing graphic and jewelry design.

Hard at work

For the last few months, we have switched from sending weekly emails to sending out a monthly ezine and I had the idea to interview a piercer or shop owner every month as one of the features.

This month was the third installment of the interview series. Everything went as per normal, with us scrambling as usual to get our pages proofed before the release date.

I work on a three-person design team, and we are all always busy – between designing, marketing, and copy editing each other’s work there is never a moment of down time. These girls put in work!!

Yesterday, TJ, the shop owner that I had interviewed posted on his Facebook timeline, “Cannot say how awesome this is. I used to work in finance and left to pursue my career in tattooing and piercing 8 years ago. To now see myself on the cover of an industry publication and be interviewed about my shop and myself is just unreal. Thank you to everyone that has shared in this ride with me. I ain’t done yet…”

I had to sit back in my chair. Did someone just call our ezine an industry publication? I mean, yea it makes sense, the company has been in business for 15 years now and has consistently improved in quality, sales and size every year. We are a leader in the body jewelry industry, and thousands of companies depend on us to provide them with quality jewelry and supplies.

Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees! (I think this is actually the first time I have ever used that saying, did I use it right?)

I was too close to the situation; to me it was a task to be completed so I could race to my next deadline.

And this was just wrong.

Also, I think that I didn’t allow myself to see the greatness in what I was doing – I mean how could I be creating a publication…it’s not like I work for Conde Nast or something, right?

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Well not technically – I don’t work for Conde Nast. What I mean is that it was definitely the wrong way of looking at the situation. I was focusing on what was lacking (which I address in my initial 6 Tips for Overcoming Reality post). I was letting myself believe that what I was doing was small instead of seeing whom I was able to give a voice to.


I can already see how this one small shift in thought is affecting the way I view my work and workload. Instead of being so focused on the next deadline and the next design, I am taking a moment to re-examine and reflect on every thing I put out. Taking the extra time to contemplate, Is this really what is the most helpful for our customer? Is this the most digestible way to present this product? Is this needed?

What is some small way that you are serving others that is making a greater impact than you allow yourself realize?


While writing this I am feeling truly inspired. Fifteen years ago did my bosses see themselves having a business in midtown Manhattan serving thousands of shops? When TJ left his career in mortgages 8 years ago, Studio 28 had not yet been conceived. He was on the pursuit of happiness and now he owns one of the highest-rated tattoo shops in NYC.


Success is extremely possible, but it is also fucking hard. Yes, I dropped the F-bomb and it’s there to stay!

*Television newscaster voice*
It’s 1 a.m. do you know where your drive is?

I’m supposed to be working on digital templates right now for my (soon to open) Etsy store, but I felt this message was really important. Yea, my 5-minute realization has turned into two pages of motivational ranting.

Anyways, I hope I’ve made my point; I’m ending this here so that I can get back to my design work.

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Review the tips and really meditate on them. (Oh, and PIN it…like for real)

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